The PeaceWalker Project

Our Approach to Teaching:


Now that you understand a little about the PeaceWalker Project, let's take a look at our teaching approach:


          Unlike many courses, the PeaceWalker Project is meant to be VERY interactive. We try to have our budding PeaceWalkers learn through experience & by teaching the materials as quickly as possible DURING the course. Studies have shown that learning through lectures and demonstrations is minimally effective. I am sure you can remember trying to stay awake during a lecture that rambled on and on. You may not even remember what it was about, however you can't forget how boring the presentation was! We're sure there was probably some valuable information there, however if you can't reach your audience it goes unheard.




       Steph video records two students as they practice teaching a segment of the PeaceWalker Program.


          Teaching methods have come a long way since many of us have been in school, unfortunately the way most programs are being taught have not. The PeaceWalker Project uses the latest teaching methods to substantially cut the learning curve while  allowing the participant to actually have FUN while they are training! Although we will be learning some deeply life changing skills we take a serious, yet lighthearted approach to those issues and our training. 

         Of course there are some portions of the workshops that implement discussions to get the ball rolling in the right direction, however you will find that more of your time is spent doing activities and actually practicing teaching your new skills and having a ball doing it!