The PeaceWalker Project



Conflict Management, Leadership, Empowerment Course
User or Coaching Course

Grand Rapids, MI


What is the PEACEWALKER PROJECT Leadership & Conflict Management Course?

The PEACEWALKER User Course is a intensive three day training experience for people who want to have Grace Under Pressure during conflict. The course focuses on enhancing your ability to deal with difficult people, as well as increase their leadership & conflict management skills. 

The coaching course is all of the above AND additional training, materials and the presentation to be able to share the PeaceWalker Principles with others in your organization. 


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Each of the courses utilize a combination of teaching methods to have maximum effect while substantially shortening the learning curve for the participants.


Here are just some of the things you'll learn in the PeaceWalker Course:

  • How to inspire respect & cooperation from even the most difficult people.
  • How to confidently deflect verbal attacks.
  • The five steps of active listening. 
  • Building the confidence needed to keep your cool under pressure.
  • Understand the critical steps to de-escalate most situations.
  • Create an environment of respect and safety for yourself and others.
  • How to handle challenging people.
  • Recognize, understand & reverse the process that leads to conflict and violence.
  • Know when it's time to stop talking and take action!
  • Detect subtle signals the preempt a physical assault. 
  • Learn how to position & maneuver out of the way of physical danger.
  • Understand how to lead while inspiring a higher level of respect.


This course is open to everyone:

  • Teachers, counselors, & health care providers.
  • Youth, church & community leaders.
  • Managers, customer service representatives, & sales people.
  • Law enforcement, military, reserves & private security personnel.
  • Martial arts instructors & students.


*Note: Although some parts of the course are physical in nature, the training does not require any special level of physical fitness or previous martial arts training.




9:30am - 5:30pm each day


               Dominican Center at Marywood
               2025 Fulton St. East
               Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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