The PeaceWalker Project

Coaching Certification Course

The coaching certification course is being offered to organizations who are looking to send an individual (or group) through a coaching program so that that person (or group) can share the PeaceWalker Principles with their organization. These students must complete the 4 day workshop and pass the program examination to qualify to become a Certified PeaceWalker Coach. Each Coaching Certification Program trains the participant at a deeper level than the user certification programs. This provides a more solid understanding and integration of the PeaceWalker materials, resulting in more effective leadership & conflict management skills. This certification also qualifies the participant to share the PeaceWalker approach with people within their own organization.


Why become a Certified Coach?

1) It enables you to officially share the PeaceWalker Program with others in your own organization. Confidently share the PeaceWalker approach to current and future employees and team members. Conduct sustainment training for your staff to continue to reinforce their skills.

2) All Certified Coaches are given all of the resources to effectively share the PeaceWalker Principles with others within their own organization: Manuals, professional powerpoint presentation, video training segments, incident reports, leadership & teaching tips, and support.

*This literally saves you or your staff literally hundreds of hours of work and take advantage of decades of collective experience in Conflict Management, Leadership and Empowerment Skills.

2) Even if you don't plan on sharing the PeaceWalker methods with anyone, taking the Coaching Certification Course will substantially deepen your knowledge, helping you to manage conflict much more confidently as well as build more effective leadership skills.

3) Being a Certified Coach can help you build your resume for a job or give you that extra edge in the eyes of your clients or future job prospects.

4) Utilize the PeaceWalker logo on your website, business cards, brochures and other collateral material .

5) Maybe the most beneficial resource of being a Certified PeaceWalker Coach is being able to attend the same level PeaceWalker Course (a course that is offered to the public - must pre-register to event, space is limited) at a 50% discount for a two year period to refresh your skills (available to the same person who took the initial program, does not include any additional materials or special rates)*. This helps you to maintain, refresh and continue to improve on the skills that you learned.



*Certified Practitioners and Instructors must attend a renewal course (at full cost) every three years to maintain their credentials and to continue to take advantage of the free refresher courses. Refresher courses are only open to the same participant who was initially certified. Preregistration is required, new materials are not included).